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ML Collections enriches the wardrobe of every self-confident woman with feminine lines, natural comfort, unique fabrics and high quality standards. ML pieces are exclusive and portray timeless elegance. Inspiration often comes from unusual textiles producing elegant lines and pieces which compliment any womens’ style and figure. ML collections’ pieces are designed and produced in Europe with a delicate attention to detail.


The designer Marjans van Weeghel has been designing the clothing line and running the fashion label ML Collections for over 25 years. During her education in couture she worked together with designers like the late Frank Govers. In the 1980’s Marjans started as an independent agent for various fashion labels abroad.””…the idea to have my own collection developed when retailers showed an interest in my personally designed blazers made from exclusive fabrics that I used to wear during that period.”


ML Collections has unique stores in the three main shopping cities in the Netherlands; Amsterdam, Laren and The Hague. ML runs a major showroom in the fashion district in Amsterdam for clients, with a seperate warehouse for all our stock outside of Amsterdam. Furthermore we run an atelier close to Laren where we design our pieces. We only produce in European countries with high quality fabrics produced mostly from Italy. Our collections are sold to over 40 retailers in the Netherlands and internationally the brand has been succesful as well for many years. Find your local store or contact us directly.

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